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Defence Satellites 2017

Eventi partners – Roma 24 e 25 Maggio

Organizzato dal nostro partner “Intelligence Sec“, l’evento presenta i temi di maggiore attualità del settore satellitare per la difesa.

Il Caffè Geopolitico sarà presente anche grazie al nostro Emiliano Battisti, che interverrà sul tema “Space resilience and cooperation as an answer to ASAT threat”

L’evento in breve

Satellites are being used more frequently than ever before. With surveillance of borders and warzones becoming more mission critical than ever before to assist with intelligence and reconnaissance. Defence Satellites will provide information from leading nations on the capabilities of their satellite systems.

With a greater need for satellite imagery to assist global armed forces on the ground when in combat missions, Defence Satellites is a timely event to discuss the latest capabilities from the leading nations who have developed strong satellite capabilities. There is also a greater need to share resources and many nations are now creating joint space missions to save on costs. This event will discuss the importance of international cooperation in developing space programs.

In recent years there has been an increase in satellite launches which has created problems with overcrowding in orbit. Many agencies are now looking in Space Debris and Situation Awareness scenarios. Defence Satellites will discuss this issue and what international agencies are doing to solve this growing issue.

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